Our holistic health philosophy supports and promotes taking responsibility for one’s health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Healthy nutrition is central to our programming, as well as continued education and information about mental health, effective nutritional support and the complementary health care practices that play a pivotal role in building and maintaining good mental and physical health.

G e o r g e    H e r m a n   H o u s e
Holistic Programming and Supportive Housing for Women with Mental and Emotional Health Issues

A warm, safe and home-like environment

Please help make this holiday season special for the residents of George Herman House
October 24, 2013 - Every year, George Herman House puts together gift baskets to lift the spirits of our residents. The holidays can be particularly hard on many residents, who may be facing the season alone. Filled with personal care products, gift certificates for everyday indulgences (movies, coffee, etc.) and other practical but welcome items, they remind our residents that they are valued and loved at a difficult time in their lives. We need your help to make this year's baskets. To find out more, and to make a donation to help brighten the holiday season for our residents, please click on the link below.

Jennifer - Resident

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It is with great love and respect that we announce the passing of Nina Herman on October 13, 2012.

She was the founder of George Herman House, as well as a major force for many other social justice initiatives. She leaves the world a better place for all, and her legacy will continue to live on through the lives of those who come to live and work at GHH.

God Bless you Nina!

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Vision and Values
GHH is recognized for its unique service model, based on a holistic, strength-based and self- responsible approach to living a healthy, well-balanced and creative life, while coping with a mental health diagnosis.

We respect
the rights and dignity of our residents to make individual choices, and we work to support them in achieving their goals.

We see
our residents as whole individuals and work with them to nurture their aspirations, strengths and creative genius.

We aim
to create a caring community environment where everyone feels safe and that they belong to the community.

We encourage
ongoing connections with the greater community for reasons of education, work and play.